Saturday, September 17, 2011

Droid Bionic User Review

Droid Bionic is dual core processor which supports LTE(4G). Its made by motorolla and runs on Verizon network.

Put the 4g lte sim card in the space at back of camera - and charge it for at least
24 hours.
The mobile hot spot (existing user) is 30$ - as compared to 20$ for 2G limit previously.
The data plan remains 30$ for ulimited(existing users) ..

Initial Impressions:

  • GPS: The GPS was not as strong as my old phone(original droid htc incredible).
Its GPS  is however better then Droid Charge(wifes phone).

  • User Interface: The user interface does not seem to be as good as droid incredible.(or really HTC sense). The mail client seems to be non initutive.(with universal mail box - and email messaging tool)

  • Battery Life: By mistake I added my first widget(traffic widget) and did not enable Google GPS option -and it drained my battery life in around 3 hours.
             The battery life with light usage(no videos/camera - and browser/email check) seems to be
around 8 hours(with LTE on). The battery life increases if you turn of 4G LTE(Setting->Wireless ->Network mod to LTE only) - and it appears to get around 16 hours with light usage.
But personally -except for videos - I did not find much difference in 3G vs 4G.

  • 3G/4G Data Connectivity: Many times i tend to loose data connectivity
while browsing(especially in 3G only mode - but also in 4G mode).. I tend
to restart my phone to fix it(or sometimes it fixes in 1 minute). I have noticed
same thing with Droid Charge(and my guess is that its connecting to 4G which
is not stable). I hardly(or ever) got browser connectivity issue from old Htc
droid incredible(not 2).

Display: The display is nice -but droid charge may be slightly better.(but it has weird
user interface and buttons are weird)

Camera/Camcorder:  The camera/camcorder looked terrific as compared
to my old droid incredible. The pictures looked sharp.
DLNA: The picture gets wirelessly transmitted to my panasonic bdt210 dlna based blu
ray player. But the video does not work..(anyway i cant seem to stream without buffering
even from my windows 7 for windows)

Verizon NFL Mobile App: This one streams at low quality - and so there is not much use for it.

Mobile HotSpot: This one seemed to have better connectivity then my droid incredible mobile
hotspot(less disconnects).

Crashes: It crashed once - when i tried to turn on mobile hotspot.

Call Clearity: It seemed to be better then my old droid incredible.

Turn of 4G LTE
Turn of Flash in Browser
Turn of wifi/blue tooth if you dont need it.
Dont add too many stuff like  facebook, mail , you tube in device setup(if you dont
check it regularly).. If you do set it up -then check the options - to refresh it to 4 hours(or manually)
For GPS to work - you need to turn on "GPS" + "Wireless" + "Google" option.

Laptop Dock Accessory: One quick trial at verizon shop - showed me that the browser loads stuff slowly.(it not worth 200$ - maybe good for 50$)
There is cheaper docks (around 40$)- but  all they do is output stuff (which should have been free with its hdmi port) - without providing keyboard support.

The only one - I would say is a screen protector(DONT buy anti glare).
You may buy silicone gel covers - to protect for scratches(which will increase resale value).But it  may decrease your audio quality.

Where to buy ?
First try it at local verizon store -and if you like it then compare prices with
the internet stores like amazon and wirefly. If there is not significant difference
then prefer local stores. It should cost 299$ at local stores and 250$ on internet.

Overall Impression: It looks to be solid phone. (but nothing revolutionary). Its currently the best phone in verizon.(But by Nov. other dual core 4G phones may arrive from  HTC and maybe even motorolla) .